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All the pictures on this site are dedicated to that mysterious and wonderful phenomenon, the human female.

The purpose of this site is to pay rare tribute to the pose of sensuality. Of course, ClassyLegs is also a gallery for leg lovers; however, it's not just for the championship of legs. The pictures displayed on this frontier highlight the hallmarks of feminine beauty: class, style, innocence, passion.
If any of these images have been used without permission, write to me and they will be instantly removed.
If your taste is similar to mine, you're in the right place. Consider this to be an intellectual, aesthetic Experience, and enjoy the Mental Challenge. (Updates will follow regularly.)
The sensual criteria for this site is simple, and probably unique.

The images must present a dynamic tension between shocking allure, and sweet innocence. Classy, stylish ladies who are richly, flirtatiously posed, in dresses or skirts, will be shown.
Every effort will be made to have them looking, at least partially, at YOU.

I will strive to show the entire figure, from top to bottom.

Most importantly, all the ladies will be smiling, positive, and cheerful!
(As well as sweet, elegant, and pretty.)
As you've probably found out by now, it is quite difficult to find pictures like this on the net, since ALL of the elements (listed above) must fit into ONE view. But I'll find them.
Rest assured that only cute, tasteful poses will be displayed here. Dresses and skirts will be "kneelength" or "mini" in appearance...
And, above all, remember: it's definitely the POSE that counts.
A new gallery will be added every weekend!
Your feedback is always welcome.
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